A/Prof Nandang Sutrisno

ACICIS Business and Law Professional Practicum (BPP/LPP) Academic Program Officer

The BPP/LPP Academic Program Officer for 2021 is Associate Professor Nandang Sutrisno.

Nandang Sutrisno is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta. He teaches Public International Law, International Trade Law, Business Law, and Contract Law.

He also teaches Business Law at the International Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Gajah Mada University. As academia, he writes books, journal articles, including those indexed by Scopus, online media articles, and speaks in various seminars and workshops.

He is a graduate of Faculty of Law UII (Bachelor of Law), Faculty of Law Airlangga University (Master of Humanities), Faculty of Law, McGill University (Master of Law), and Faculty of Law the University of Melbourne (Philosophy Doctor in International Trade Law). During his career at UII, apart from teaching, he has also ever been trusted as Vice Dean, Vice Rector, and Rector.

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