Dr Emily Rowe

ACICIS Public Health Study Tour (PHST) Tour Leader

Dr Emily Rowe is a post-doctoral researcher who has been living in Indonesia since 1998. She is currently Asia Focal Point for Harm Reduction International, and works on the Global Fund regional Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia project, coordinating research projects in 7 countries in Asia (India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and the Philippines).  
Emily’s public health work concentrates on evidence based community programming, with a particular focus on HIV prevention and treatment among vulnerable communities, including female sex workers, MTF transgender women, MSM and, in particular, PWID. She has experience collaborating with projects in Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, among others. As a health anthropologist she is especially passionate about work that promotes inclusion and the meaningful involvement of disenfranchised communities, as well as community-based participatory research approaches in public health. Aside from affiliations with numerous public health research bodies in Australia and elsewhere, Emily is a founding member of DARE-THIS, a platform of freelancing, international experts committed to work in and for people and projects in lower income earning countries on disability, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. Emily was previously part of the ACICIS family as an immersion student in 1998, and as DSPP Academic Program Officer in 2012.

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