Helen Brown

ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) Academic Program Officer

The JPP Academic Program Officer for 2020 is Helen Brown.

Helen Brown has more than 25 years’ experience in writing, speaking and analysing complex subjects and issues. She regularly travels to Asia and lived and worked in Indonesia for four years as a Correspondent for the ABC. She is the Fellow for Digital Economy at The Australia Indonesia Centre, where she keeps across tech trends and writes and presents on contemporary Indonesia and its role in Asia. Her passion is to draw people’s attention to important issues about the Australia/Asia relationship, particularly the capacity to improve it. Her critical insights into the region come from first-hand experience in reporting on the Indonesian government, economy and society, and she maintains a strong network in Indonesia’s private and public sectors. Helen manages a start-up www.bisnisasia.com which aims to improve business inter-cultural competence and knowledge between East and West.

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