Meita Enjayani 

ACICIS Yogyakarta Senior Program Assistant

Meita Enjayani (Meita) re-joined ACICIS’s Yogyakarta team as a Senior Program Assistant. She holds a Bachelor of English Education Study Program from Sanata Dharma University. She is passionate about education and teaching. She has experience in teaching English as a second language and also educating young children using Montessori method.
Prior to this, Meita joined ACICIS in 2015 as a Program Assistant and leading various School Tour programs, and responsible for the semester program Indonsian Language Teachers Immersion (ILTI). She also involved on the early development of an NCP funded program, Indonesian Language Short Course (ILSC) Program. Her interest in teaching Indonesian for foreigners has led her to continue her study in Indonesian Language Education Study Program. She is currently completing her Master degree and expects to graduate soon.

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