In August 2018, ACICIS welcomed 18 students to Bandung to undertake our International Relations Program (IRP) and West Java Field Study (WJFS) hosted by Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR). The Semester 47 Bandung cohort was one of ACICIS’ largest, with 12 students supported by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan.

ACICIS’ IRP allows students to study International Relations from the Indonesian perspective and offers a professional placement (internship) component with a local host organisation, which students take alongside their classes. This semester, 13 students opted to undertake the internship component – they were involved in their hosts’ on-going projects, focusing on various areas such as social research, environment, education, child protection and resilience studies.

ACICIS’ WJFS allows students to propose, refine, and undertake a semester-long field study project under the guidance of a nominated UNPAR supervisor. WJFS students may also elect to undertake an internship or additional classes alongside their thesis.

Read more about Bandung Semester 47 here.

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